Gwyneth Wesley Rolph

Peak Performance coach based in North London

What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback is a safe and effective tool that you can learn to use to gain awareness of and control over certain areas of your body's functioning, such as your heartbeat or muscle activity. It is completely non-invasive and does not involve the use of drugs or medication.

Electrical sensors are attached to the surface of the skin, and the information they pick up is fed to a computer, which analyses what your body is doing and displays this activity on a computer screen.

You are taught to use this feedback on your body's signals to make the necessary physiological changes to reduce your stress levels and learn to relax.

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What is Life Stress Reduction?

Life Stress Reduction is a full programme which makes use of a broad array of techniques, each designed to approach an issue, to remove emotional pain, resistance and confusion from that issue, and to bring a person to a place of greater clarity and ease in relation to that issue.

A Life Stress Reduction Program is tailored to meet the needs of a particular viewer (client). It starts with an interview to gather information about the issues and areas of life that the client wishes to address and improve. The facilitator uses the information from the interview to design a case plan - the Life Stress Reduction Program - to suit what the viewer hopes to achieve during Life Stress Reduction.

Common issues viewers wish to address include traumatic experiences, relationship difficulties, low self-esteem, job or career concerns; dreaded future events, financial problems, and health concerns, but can include any subject of interest to a viewer. A variety of different types of techniques are typically used to address each main area of viewer concern until that area is fully handled to the viewer's satisfaction.

Quality of life is all about you being able to use your full abilities and being freed up from painful events of the past and confusing situations in the present. When we are stuck in a negative place, mentally or emotionally, it can be hard to remember that life can have a rewarding, luminous, engaging quality. It can be uplifting, exciting, and fulfilling. At the end point of Life Stress Reduction a viewer feels a new freshness and interest in life along with diminished concern about both past events and current life situations that had been bothering him or her before.

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My Special Interests

I have particular interests in working with:

The gifted

For many years I ran a Mensa SIG (Special Interest Group) called Phoenix, whose purpose was to help members understand why they were called deviants and misfits and were squashed as children for being bright, and to encourage members to ignore ageism and help each other to find that they are not alone in their experiences of repression and to gain confidence in their abilities.

As a member of a number of high IQ societies and online "gifted" groups, I regularly see people surfacing in these groups who, having discovered their unusual nature in their thirties, forties and even senior years, have had something of a personal revelation. At last - life's events make sense!

Believe me, I have heard all the pat answers offered up by families, friends, educators and employers as to why things are the way they are, and why you are supposedly the way you are! As a first step, I strongly recommend Michael Ferguson's revealing article The Inappropriately Excluded. If you believe this applies to you, I can help.

Resolving study issues and teaching others to study effectively

As an experienced course supervisor, director of training and study debug specialist I have helped people of all ages and educational backgrounds.

Experience has shown me that what the student thinks they're having trouble with is never what they are actually having trouble with. The thing that is tangling them up is always earlier!

For that reason, I do not "tutor" students on their schoolwork or coursework, and there would be little point trying to coach them on revision or test-taking strategies that simply get the student to gloss over the roots of their difficulties. Instead, I look to the student's (or employee's) past education, formal or informal, and clean up any confusions and misunderstandings, while teaching them some simple but effective tools for learning how to study any subject material.

Those who wish to explore their own minds and their own potential

Reading a popular science magazine one day, I suddenly realised that every article about the latest research into the mind and brain finished with a sentence like, "It is hoped that this research will help those suffering from [insert name of condition]".

While the sick, elderly etc. absolutely must be able to benefit from the latest research and have their needs met, what struck me is how much mind and brain research focuses on medicine and pathology rather than, say, education or business.

As a long time self-developer, I have a particular interest in how tools such as Applied Metapsychology and applied psychophysiology can not only be used to fix conditions such as stress, but can be applied as self-development and personal exploration tools.


As a multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer, arranger and songwriter, I am also interested in how these techniques and technologies can be applied to musicians to enhance musical performance.

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