Gwyneth Wesley Rolph

Peak Performance Coach based in North London

Study Skills Workshop

Professionals and students alike have to absorb a great deal of factual data, concepts and skills to obtain results in the 21st century.

At school, you were taught all manner of subject material, but it is highly unlikely you were taught how to study it. Many of the techniques that students use, and even teachers recommend, are inefficient and ineffective.

There are many study guides you can purchase which offer advice on topics like revision techniques, essay writing skills and how best to tackle exam questions. Many offer gimmicks such as how to read more rapidly or how to memorise facts. What they miss is how to gain complete conceptual understanding of the material and how to apply it in life. And they forget that there is a practical reason most people study - it isn't (or shouldn't be) all about book learning and exams.

  • Do you find you forget what you have read?
  • Do you find certain subject material hard to understand?
  • Do you get stuck on a certain chapter or while trying to practise a certain skill?
  • Do you get high scores on exams but can't remember what to do when you have to use the information on your job or in life?
  • Would you like to know why?

In the Study Skills workshop you will learn what kinds of obstacles prevent you from learning and what you can do about them.

You will practise tools for learning more effectively and obtaining results, how to evaluate information and acquire judgement, and how to use the tools from this workshop to help others with their own learning and study.

This course is not about passively studying information like you did at school, but is about the very learning process itself. Rather than teach subjects, it gives you the skills to learn your own choice of subject material. It is geared towards empowering you as an individual to take charge of your own future education!

Enquiries are now being taken for this four day workshop, and the dates of the next workshop will be confirmed when there are sufficient numbers. North London venue, to be advised.

Please state whether you would prefer two consecutive weekends (Saturday/Sunday both weekends), or four days during the week. Cost to be advised upon application.

This workshop is primarily designed for college students, lifelong learners and professionals. If you have reading difficulties, or are not fully fluent in English, one-on-one consultation may be more beneficial. Please contact me for details.

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